Purchase single license
Enables full use of BMWizard with one car. License is freely transferable to someone else, as long as it is has not been bound to a car previously.

Buy now for €99

Purchase three licenses
Enables full use of three cars. License is freely transferable to another account, as long as it has not been bound to a car previously.

Buy now for €279

Purchase volume license
Enables usage of BMWizard with every supported BMW, does not require binding. Cannot be transferred. Valid for one year.

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The following are some frequent questions we get. If you have any further questions, please contact us!

Can I use BMWizard for free?

Actually, yes! Some parts at least. Diagnosis is free, and reading car data in general also. If you wish to write coding data, or retrofit, or clear errors, please support our work by buying a license. In general, once you want to write something back into the car (this includes QuickJobs), you'll need a license.

Cool, is there a demo?

Yes! Just download and install BMWizard. You can connect to your car, and test around if you like it. Reading data out of car is completely free and requires no account or license.

How much does a license cost?

Currently, a single license costs €99. We use Fastspring as our payment processor.

What is Fastspring?

Fastspring is a payment privider which securely handles all sorts of Payment options for us. It's safe, secure, and easy for us and you.

When will I get my license?

As soon as our payment processor has processed your order, your license will be delivered by e-mail instantly.

How long is a license valid?

Licenses bound to a single car never expire. Licenses not bound to a car (volume licenses) expire after a year.

Is my license bound to one computer?

No. You can use BMWizard on whatever computers you want. You just need to login on each computer that you install BMWizard on.

How can I buy a license?

You can purchase a license by using one of the buttons above. Doing so will greatly support our work and this in return will provide you with future updates.

What does a license buy me?

A single license will grant you the use of BMWizard with one car. This license is then bound to this car.

How can I bind my license?

This can be done from within BMWizard itself.

What if I sell my car, what happens to my license?

You can rest assured that your purchase lasts. If you sell your car and come to own another BMW, your license can be transferred by contacting us via support.

Can I send my license to my friend?

Providing your license isn't already bound to your car then, yes of course you can.

How do I transfer my license?

Easy. Just head over to the account page, find the "Transfer license" section at the bottom, enter the key of the license you want to send to somebody, and their account name. Then click "Send key!". This will place the license in their account, and remove it from yours.